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Main Street Construction Update August 28, 2014

Follow the weekly updates about the Roundabout /Main Street and Downtown Streetscape below: 
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A friendly reminder:

As Main Street and Century Avenue get closer and closer to being finished, the DOT would like to remind citizens and visitors that there is still a NO THRU TRAFFIC restriction in place. This means that unless you are patronizing a Waunakee business or home in the reconstruction area, drivers are NOT ALLOWED to completely pass through construction zones from one end to another. The Waunakee Police Department has the authority to ticket drivers who violate this no thru traffic restriction. The Village of Waunakee and DOT would also like to remind citizens and visitors that even though some roads look “finished,” they in fact are still a work in progress. Keep in mind that as the number of cars driving in the roundabout and downtown area increases, the ability of workers to complete their job in a timely and safe mannerdecreases.  Please consider this when deciding which route to take to get to your destination. 
We are glad to see that people are excited about driving on the new roads and observing the work in progress, but please keep in mind that we still have a few weeks left of construction. Please continue to use the posted local and regional detour routes for the remainder of this project. Construction is to be completed and roads reopened in mid-September. Waunakee directional signage from the interstate and surrounding highways will be restored upon project completion. 

WKOW Channel 27 was in town on Wednesday, May 7th, and interviewed the Chamber and downtown business owners Sandy Taylor of Waunakee Furniture and Fred Loy of Village Meat Market.  Go to channel 27 website to see the interview.  View video


Are you looking to gain more information regarding the 2014 Main Street Construction? Visit our website at

Paving the Way

A lead committee and group of work teams have initiated the effort and are planning for action during the next twelve months. has been created and will be the place to go for project information and updates. If you have questions or are interested in being a part of the effort, please contact us by email at

Road Construction Communication & Signage

Signage Update from the WisDOT:
WisDOT SW region traffic section reviewed the current detour signing. They suggested that we revise the signing slightly on US 12 and IH 39. The message changes a bit and adds the word “Waunakee”. The signs are also moved onto two separate posts to help space out the messages for better comprehension. 

These new signs were created by the WisDOT's internal sign shop. The contractor is scheduled to install the signs next week.


All Village postal customers have received a 4-page newsletter construction guide. 

·        All businesses will be provided tear-off detour map pads

·        On-Site Construction Leader:  Jon Maxwell, 608-963-4539

·        WisDOT Project Mgr:  Curt Neuhauser, 608-219-1331


·        About 20 large scale signs will be placed along the DOT's posted detour with the message:  "Waunakee Businesses Open & Accessible", along with the Together Waunakee, Paving the Way official logo.  

·        In May, all businesses will be given a free yard sign that will say "Open For Business" and include the official Paving the Way Logo. This sign should be placed in front of your business. Intent is to show business unification throughout the Village.

·        There will be directional signage along the local alternate detour routes designed to most effectively and safely move traffic E-W & N-S around project area


·        Communicate with your customers, vendors and other service provider by giving suggestions on how to best access your business!  Phone calls, email, mailers, social media, and website notices are a good way to accomplish this.

·        Please avoid using additional signage.  Sticking to our open for business message uniformly will be most effective for everyone.

The Waunakee Chamber of Commerce is here to serve our members as a business and community resource hub and to help in any way we can.  For the most up to date road construction information go to  

Waunakee Police Department August Newsletter also has valuable information on the road construction project.


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